Startup and Kano model

Every entrepreneur starting his own business, startup company, a simple web service is faced with the project planning. Under project planning I mean which features should be implemented per your priority - the task is harder as you already announced beta version and have a lot of user feedback, sometimes contrary to each other. Now you have a list of the features, bugs, proposals and you want to measure the list with a metrics of severity, cost-effectiveness, time, UX-requirements - to have best plan to achieve your goals and economize investments.

Some of the theory I was interested before the planning my feature list I'd recommend - description of the Kano model.

Some resources:
Simple description of the Kano model:
Slides quick intro of Kano model:
Startup metrics:

Let me share my plan of creating a free-hosting service and which metrics I used to measure the priority. To understand which term (Excitement, Performance, Basic) should be associated with each feature - I've gathered requirements in such way:

1. Design - (Web 2.0, creative Logo, modern color scheme)
2. Usability - service should be simple and usability perfect, simple actions to create your own weblog, web-site of your company, website -vcard, one-page web-site for selling a product.
- use case: register, select predefined theme, add title, upload logo, add content using WYSIWYG editor.
- no email sending, no user db, no MySQL db, provide a simple howto - how to enable those features using free services: Chimp maillist, disqus for comments, ...
3. Security
4. Spam - avoid spam sites using report abuse form, disable accounts which break rules and post illegal (adult, torrent) content. Sharing of the ip with such resources will penalize common service.
Add captcha.
5. Monetize service - providing free hosting 2 options might be considered - show ads (adsence, ...), get payment for the switching ads.

to be continued

May 29, 2018