Hiring Drupal web developer

You are trying to make first steps in internet business, starting new ecommerce system or want to introduce yourself by weblog to the huge internet community. You've heard about Drupal and think it will fit all your demands. Don't think that it is true. You need to understand what you want to get as a result - the first stage of the discussion with Drupal developer is the most important - I call it `half of the way to the success`. Good interconnection in the way of dialog between Drupal solution provider and client will bring you to the result you want.
Some tips for those who want to hire Drupal developer.

Here are main keys of successful project:

1. Scope of project should be clearly understood for both sides, the more specific and detailed you are the better result in outcome.

2. Talking about agile style - you as a client will win following such approach - you can change resulted outcome during development.

3. Drupal developers should provide documentation before starting project, document the process and provide documentation after project is finished. It saves client's and service provider time.

4. Documenting of the testing process and showing results of the tests to the client - must have.

5. See #1 - detailed documenting of the project scope and responsibilities.

Here is a good article, written in good manner for hiring Drupal developer.
how to hire Drupal developer

May 28, 2018