About me and Drupal web development

I've been working for the IT about 10 years, more than 8 years use Web technologies to build web-ites, web interface for applications and intranet sites. My Language expertise: PHP, Python. I've also spent years on building sites using Drupal CMF - which looks for me currently best choice to build simple web site or social community site (specific niche-social community sites) from the scratch in couple easy steps. From my experience I wouldn't advice Drupal for the applications that host more than 500 000 nodes with huge amount taxonomy terms (more than 10000) - taxonomy function calls has very low performance - it will require customizing Drupal modules. For the high-load web-site communities I'd prefer No-SQL data storage and light-weight web framework. However let's see where optimizations can help in Drupal-based community site.

I have 2 sites I do experiments on:

1. Niche Drupal-based social-community service for book-readers - where users can post book-reviews http://findbook.com.ua.

2. Free Web Blogging service - http://webitservice.com - users can create it's own blog and customize it.

My aim is to leave notes in this blog, which I discovered during development, vps hosting, customizing, performance tuning and Drupal tips.

May 28, 2018